WWE giants names the Superstar who defeated Roman Reigns for the Championship, the latest episode of WWE Raw made big changes

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will defend his title against Logan Paul in Crown Jewel 2022. Many people believe that the YouTube star will not be able to land his knockout punch in this match, but now veteran wrestler Jeff Jarrett told the My World podcast that in his eyes, Logan is capable of becoming the champion.

They said:

“Logan Paul being the champion could be good for the company. Do you believe WWE is ready for a title change? No, I don’t think there will be a title change in Saudi Arabia, but it has become a topic of discussion among the fans. happened to.”

Logan Paul will be looking to achieve a feat that many big men have not been able to achieve in the last two and a half years. This achievement is to defeat Roman Reigns to win the championship, whose Universal title run will soon pass the 800-day mark.

Roman Reigns threatened Logan Paul before the WWE Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns has been exposed to the knockout power of Logan Paul many times, but on a recent episode of Raw, he let the WWE Universe know his power. After his in-ring promo ended, Reigns looked into the camera and said there was no one alive who could take him out:

“There is no one who can cast me out. If there were such a man he would not be able to do so, there is no one who could cast me out.”

While most fans are hoping for the Tribal Chief to retain the title, Logan Paul has also worked hard for this match and will be looking to land one of his knockout punches during the match.

Last-minute changes made by the company in the latest episode of WWE Raw

This week’s episode of WWE Raw was great. According to a current report, the plans WWE had for the show were scrapped at the last minute. After the retirement of Vince McMahon, the weekly shows changed a lot. Fans are constantly getting surprises. The number of viewers has also increased. Especially the red brand episodes are going strong now.

Big changes in the latest episode of WWE Raw

Fans are very happy with Triple H’s work. He is also getting constant praise on social media. This time it was the Halloween edition of Raw.

Faithful Select has given big news in its report. According to the report, the company had also planned something else for the Halloween theme party. These plans were canceled at the last minute. There was something more planned in this show about Riddle and Otis but everything changed at the last minute.

The report also states that some changes have been made in the NXT show. There was a lot to see on this week’s episode of Raw. Roman Reigns was also seen in this show. WWE Crown Jewel 2022 will be held in Saudi Arabia on November 5. This was the last episode of Raw before this show. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley also clashed in this episode. There will also be a singles match between the two at Crown Jewel.

Vince McMahon always made several last-minute changes to the weekly shows. Such news kept coming after every show. This kind of news has probably come out for the first time during Triple H’s reign. Perhaps this time the changes were made due to lack of time in the show. However, even after the change, no problem was seen. The show was an absolute hit and the fans had a blast.

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