Know Top 5 unheard stories related to Undertaker’s life

On hearing the name Wrestling, the name of Undertaker comes first in people’s minds. His way of entering and fighting in the ring was different from other fighters. An era in WWE seems to have come to an end after Undertaker retires from wrestling

In his career, Undertaker has created many records and some unique styles, which his fans will always remember. Coming back to life from the dead, entering the ring directly from the grave, and reaching the fighter in a coma are many such stories that differentiate Undertaker from other fighters in wrestling. There are also some stories that those close to him know. Let’s know about some such untold stories of Undertaker.

Secrets of looking like a cat

Aldo Montoya used to wrestle in WWE. Despite being a strange character, he worked with many big WWE stars. In which wrestlers like Scott Hall and Undertaker are included. He was part of the WWE team that toured Europe and India at that time.

This signature was made as a joke by Undertaker – after all, before boarding the plane, Undertaker secretly gave acid to Montaya. Shortly after takeoff, Montoya was hit by acid. They did not understand what was happening. Undertaker was behind them and they understood that Montoya had been affected by acid and increasing the joke, Undertaker turned back and started making a cat-like appearance. After which this signature of Undertaker became famous. All Undertaker fans know that at the end of every match, he used to make this appearance by climbing on top of the defeater.

Undertaker fights in the bar

The Undertaker is as dangerous as he is in the ring but is as calm as he is in real life, but he never used to keep silent when he saw something wrong. The best example is Undertaker’s fight in the bar. Once upon a time, a group of wrestlers went to the bar as former WWE Tag Team Champions.

Where a wrestler collided with a German man. A fight started between them in a room. The Undertaker could not be seen due to too much noise. What was it then, as soon as he entered the room, he grabbed the German man by the throat in his own style and started hitting him by pressing on the wall.

When the Undertaker was considered a murderer

It was about the time when Pritchard used to be Undertaker’s manager, he narrated a story on a show which is quite funny. Once Pritchard and Undertaker were going to another place in the Urgent after finishing the show. Due to paucity of time, neither of them had removed their makeup. Both of them lost their way while moving towards Chattanooga.

Pritchard tried to ask a local man the way. Seeing the outside men, he started showing local robes. However, the local man was only able to see Pritchard in the dark because he could not see Undertaker. Then after listening to them, Taker came forward and showed his face. That local person saw the scary face of Undertaker. After which, out of fear, he told Pritchard that ‘It looks like this person has come after killing someone.’ After which the person told Pritchard the way.

Undertaker hates cucumbers

If you bury the Undertaker in the ground, it does not make any difference to him, burn it in the fire, how will he get out of there. But never keep a cucumber in front of them, they are not able to digest it. Paul Bearer, who supported The Undertaker, narrated a sentence. The Undertaker stayed in a hotel. Some pieces of cucumber were served to him in breakfast. He vomited after eating it.

After which cucumbers were kept on his plate for dinner as well. Again they got the same problem. After which it was explained to the entire hotel staff that the name of the cucumber should not even be taken in front of the Undertaker. He tells that I do not know why he does not digest cucumber because I never dared to ask.

A policeman misunderstood the ‘Queen of Porn’

Jenna Jameson was known as the Queen of Porn. He had a friend who used to have a tattoo parlor from where Taker got his tattoos done, believing that Undertaker was afraid of Jameson. Taker misunderstood that Jameson was an undercover cop. Taker himself asked his friend about Jameson. After which the closeness came between them. She appeared with Deadman before becoming popular and becoming a bestseller.

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