Who is Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina? Ronaldo thinks his private jet is small

World Top football player Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United in 2009 and returned to the club last year. Now again there are reports that Ronaldo may join a club in the Arab world apart from Manchester. A player like Ronaldo changing clubs early is quite shocking. However, he is even more guarded in his personal life. Ronaldo, who is in the discussion about his girlfriend, has been with Georgina since 2016. Georgina also happens to be the mother of Ronaldo’s children.

Ronaldo and Georgina recently shared a video saying that the death of their infant son has moved them forward in their lives. We are talking about Ronaldo’s girlfriend here.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

Georgina Rodriguez a senator and model. She came into the limelight after becoming Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend. Georgina’s mother Spanish and her father Argentina are there. Georgina grew up in love with Jack, a town in northern Spain and the province of Huesca, with her cousin Ivana.

He started his career as a belly dancer. After that, he started working as an assistant. After starting a sales job with Massimo Dutti, he worked at Gucci and changed his life here again. Quitting sales, she wore Jean Gaultier Couture on the red carpet at a film festival.

Became a model after learning English in London

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina studied English in London and started a modeling career after that. However, Her life changed even more after meeting Ronaldo, and even wrote his own show ‘I Am Georgina’ on Netflix. This tells about his life.

How did Georgina meet Ronaldo?

Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for several years, but the two had children while Georgina was working at Gucci in 2016. Ronaldo was reportedly his private client. After that, both meet in a program and gradually their relationship progresses. The two were spotted together at Disneyland Paris in November 2013. Meanwhile, try your best to redeem yourself and both have no confirmation in this place.

Both have shared a photo of each other on social media. Ronald and Georgina’s relationship was subsequently recognized accordingly. Since then Georgina has been seen in the stadium during matches of Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United, and Portugal. They are also present with your family at big events like the Ballon d’Or and FIFA award ceremonies.

Ronaldo has five children, but only two of them are with Georgine. Georgina gave birth to Alana Martina in November 2017. She followed that up with twins and TT was born in April 2022, but revealed in a social media post that she was in distress at the hospital.

I’m not Georgina of Ronaldo’s first three children, Cristiano Jr and twin Eva-Mateo, but she has a special attachment to all of them. All seven people in the family have lived happy life.

Ronaldo is also solely responsible for the care of Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Jr., and Georgina Unce is well known and cares for Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores. Cristiano Jr. already makes a name for himself within Manchester United. Georgina is often seen with Cristiano Jr during Ronaldo’s time.

Ronaldo thinks his private jet is small, it will be bought new, the previous jet was bought in 2015

Expensive car enthusiast Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t even own cars, he also owns a private plane equipped with all the latest amenities. With a capacity of eight to 10 people, this jet is now too small for Ronaldo’s family. That’s why the dignified footballer who wants to leave Manchester United is flying a new private plane selling the jet.

20 of the media report Ronaldo bought an airplane named Gulfstream 200 for his personal use in 15 with eight people. He often takes the 56 mph morning flight to Europe and Portugal for vacations with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and the children.

Ronaldo has kept every modern facility in the jet

This plane condition is rare. Only 250 models were built and it was discontinued in 2011. Airplanes have been purchased.

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