Johnny Gargano to return to WWE after 9 months

After the retirement of Vince McMahon from WWE, the creative control has gone to Triple H, who has so far returned to the company of many famous Superstars. Big superstars from Braun Strowman to Karen Krauss and Dakota Kai are back. One of these names is also Johnny Gargano.

back in the ring

Haven’t fought a match since the return of Johnny Gargano. On a recent episode of Raw, Gargano was asked questions about Theory’s statement when Mr. Money in the Bank said that Gargano was not ready to take on top superstars just yet.

In response, the former NXT Champion said that Theory had forgotten what he was capable of in the ring. In the same promo battle, Gargano said that he should now move on from just making things up and also confirmed his in-ring return. Although his opponent has not yet been announced, Gargano is set to return to the ring next week on Raw after nearly nine months.

Johnny Gargan fought his last match in WWE NXT War Games 2021

To remind you that Johnny Gargano’s contract with WWE expired in December last year and he decided not to sign a new contract to give more time to his family.

Before leaving the company, he fought his last match in the WWE NXT ring at NXT WarGames on 5 December 2021. In that event, there was a War Games match between Team 2.0 and Team Black and Gold.

John Gargano teamed up with LA Knight, Pete Dunn (Butch), and Tommaso Champa, but after more than 38 minutes of intense action, their team was pitted against Braun Brecker, Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, and Tony D’Angelo. There was defeat.

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