Angelina & Brad’s Journey from Love to Divorce

The pair of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and the world, was once named among the best couples in Hollywood and even today everyone remembers their names together. Both were liked by everyone as a couple. But after having a relationship for 11 years, they decided to part ways and surprised everyone. But no one can change their fate and both of them are still busy in their separate lives. Let’s take a look at the journey of both of them from love story to divorce.

The Beginning of Brad & Angelina’s Love

Angelina & Brad love

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on the set of the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and gradually both of them started liking each other and they started enjoying this moment. Angelina never wanted Brad and Jennifer to break up because of her, but the timing had something else in mind. While working on the film, both of them fell in love. Till now Brad and Jennifer were the most favorite couple but over time the pairing of Angelina and Brad became a hit. From here both of them felt that both of them started loving each other.

Their relationship came out from the picture of the son

Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer in the year 2005 as soon as he fell in love with Angelina. Brad Pitt did not let his relationship with Angelina Jolie come to the public for a long time even after splitting from the ‘Friends’ fame actress. But his pictures coming from time to time used to tell a lot. Once a picture of Brad Pitt laughing with Angelina and his son on the beach in Kenya went viral. These pictures were clearly telling that there is love between them. And a few months later the news came that Angelina and Brad were now reunited.

Marriage after giving birth to a daughter

In 2006, Angelina and Brad Pitt became parents to a daughter. The very next year i.e. in 2007, both of them adopted a third child and in 2008, Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins. Thus Angelina and Brad Pitt have six children. After this Brad and Angelina were seen together on the red carpet everywhere. After dating each other for a long time, both of them got engaged in the year 2012 and two years later in 2014, both of them got married. While this was Brad Pitt’s second marriage, it was Angelina Jolie’s third marriage.

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Reason for breakup

After two years of marriage, that is, in 2016, there were reports of a rift in their relationship, gradually the relationship deteriorated even further and then Angelina decided to divorce Brad Pitt. This decision of the actress made it clear that there is nothing left in the relationship between the two. Not only this, but Angelina also made serious allegations against Brad Pitt. After the allegations, their paths parted forever in 2016. For those who want to see them together, it will hardly be possible now. In this way, the relationship of a Hollywood famous couple came to an end.

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