President Obama’s State of the Union address 2016

President Obama’s State of the Union address 2016


WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama has addressed the State of the Union and said that the People of America are nervous about terror and the changing economy but they should not fear the future as United State is still the most Powerful economy in the world and those thinks the other way are wrong.


A confident Obama sought to forged himself as an positive foil to foes who warn the united states is going in the incorrect course after his seven years in office.

President admitted that failed states are biggest danger to US however they may without a doubt educate Daesh (ISIS) the ones instructions which they (US) taught to others in the past and they’ll not spare them, they’ll search them, discover them and could bomb them to the stone age.

Obama even as speaking approximately Human Rights said that those need to be politics unfastened as these are the fundamental necessities of the humans around the globe.

“whenever, there have been people who informed us to fear the future; who claimed we ought to slam the brakes on change, promising to restore past glory if we simply got some institution or concept that became threatening the united states below control. And every time, we overcame the ones fears.”

With much less than three weeks till the Iowa caucuses the primary votes forged within the technique to replace him, Obama berated talking factors used by Republican applicants, pronouncing “anyone claiming that the united states s economic system is in decline is peddling fiction.”

He additionally lashed out at rhetoric over the upward thrust of the Islamic state institution, which he admitted poses an “big chance.”

but he emphasized: “They do not threaten our countrywide existence.”

“Over-the-top claims that that is world warfare III simply play into their arms,” he said.

“Our solution wishes to be extra than hard communicate or calls to carpet bomb civilians. That may work as a tv sound bite, but it doesn’t bypass muster on the sector degree.”

Tuesday’s top time address became possibly Obama s last huge possibility to sway a countrywide target audience and body the 2016 election race.