Ishaq dar seeks Qatari investment

Ishaq dar seeks Qatari investment


Dar seeks Qatari investment

ISLAMABAD Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Monday asked the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) to avail itself of opportunities in Pakistan.

Talking to a delegation, led by Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Thani, Dar said there were various options which the QIA could follow for undertaking investment.

These include establishment of Pak-Qatar Investment Company, participation in Pakistan Infrastructure Development Fund and independent projects in other sectors.

Earlier, in a meeting with a delegation of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) at the FBR headquarters, the finance minister said the government would continue consulting stakeholders before making policy decisions.

The FPCCI presented its tax proposals for budget 2016-17.

“The government is highly appreciative of the contribution of traders and business community towards streng­then­ing of the economy. They should promote tax culture,” the minister said.

He said the revenue growth rate rose to 19.7 per cent from a meagre 2.5-3pc in the previous regime.


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