Benefits of Technology in Aged Life

Benefits of Technology in Aged Life

Benefits of Technology

Benefits of Technology. Generally speaking, adapting to new technologies is easier when we are young than when we are old. People often get so used to the devices that they use in their younger years that they feel reluctant to shift to newer ones, even if they are “better” in almost every respect. Some do so for purely sentimental reasons; in other words, they hold onto old things because of the many happy memories that they hold for them.

Whatever the reasons, it cannot be denied that technology is not a static thing; that entrepreneurs looking to make money are constantly trying to think of newer and better ways of helping people to do the things that they need to do. Many of the things that we can do with the Internet, smartphones and so on, would not have been possible in the years before these things were developed. There are cases, indeed, where the adoption of new technologies can literally spell the difference between life and death. In the sections below we will look at just a few of the many ways in which the elderly can use new technology to their own advantage.

Calling for help –  Benefits of Technology

As adults age their bodies often become more frail and they get into accidents more often. A fall down the stairs or off a stepladder that would have been merely injurious earlier can be fatal if nobody is their to rescue them. With a smartphone, an old person who is injured or otherwise in need of medical attention can call for help and receive it as soon as possible. There are smartphone apps that also help monitor overall health on a constant basis as well.

Smartphones can also be used to alert the police in case an elderly person living alone senses the presence of an intruder in the house. Then again, that is where security systems come in handy: Those of today, or at least the most sophisticated and expense of them, feature such innovations as motion and infrared detection, fingerprint reading and voice recognition.

Keeping in touch with relatives and friends

Another valuable use of the smartphone is for communicating with those who are emotionally close but physically far away. This is all the more true if the people who are being contacted are too busy to allow for more than an occasional visit. Social media also enables us to get back into contact with friends, including those we may not have seen in a long time.

Playing games, listening to music and watching TV and movies – Benefits of Technology

The World Wide Web has become a popular source of entertainment in today’s world. Games of all kinds, from mah jongg and solitaire to chess and Monopoly, can be played online, either with virtual opponents or with real ones who may be on the other side of the globe, and game apps are available for smartphones and tablets. Thanks, too, to such services as YouTube, GrooveShark and MySpace, people can also listen to their favorite music and watch reruns of their favorite movies and TV shows. Young people often use these things to keep up with the stars of today but countless recordings are also available that date back to when today’s old people were much younger (or before they were even born!).

Robots in the house

More and more tasks are being automated and now there is a whole field called domotics devoted to the development of robots for household work. They can be used to perform tasks that elderly homeowners are too weak to do by themselves. A big plus of robots is that they do not need to be paid for their work!

Benefits of Technology, then, is a blessing for old and young people alike. We must not forget, too, that just as technology has been evolving, so it will continue to evolve. Our “modern” instruments will seem outdated to the people of fifty or even twenty years from now. The day will come when it will be common for the elderly to show their smartphones to their teenage grandchildren and say, “This is what I used when I was your age.”